Mandalay to Bagan on the Irrawaddy River: 16 hrs on the slow boat ferry

Boats anchored at a Ferry Stop

There are a lot of ways to get from Mandalay to Bagan.  Bus, trains, boats.  Our hotel (the Emperor Hotel) encouraged us to take one of the fast(er), more expensive tourists boats.  We pushed them for info on the public ferry and after a short phone call, they confirmed that it was indeed leaving the next morning and the price was 18,000 kyat each. Continue reading “Mandalay to Bagan on the Irrawaddy River: 16 hrs on the slow boat ferry”

Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

A Road though the Lombok village of Tetebatu
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Leaving Labuan Pandan, we headed west on the busy main road, heading to Tetebatu.  First, we would look for an ATM that was rumored to be in a town called Maspadik.   We found it, across the street from the huge Mosque but the towns power was out, so no money for us.  We were down to our last 250,000, enough for a night maybe two.

We cruised north up the hills and soon began to pass guesthouses. Looks like we have arrived.   Amid Rice fields, on a slope with nice views, Tetebatu is another small town on the southern edge of  Mount Rinjani National Park. We checked out a bunch of different places to stay and settled on Pondok Tetebatu, another recommendation from Hussein. Continue reading “Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike”

How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike

A monkey checks out our motorbike

Exploring Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike.

One of our most memorable adventures during our month in Indonesia was a tour of Lombok by motorbike.   If you are at all comfortable with motorbikes, then this is an ideal way to see Lombok.  Its a smallish island of about 4500 square miles, similar to the size of its neighbor Bali.   The towns are awesome, not too far apart and a lot less touristy then Bali.

Here’s a great route that you can do in a week or two.   We did most of it a little over a week.

Senggigi ->   Senaru->    Sembalun->   Sapit->   Labuan Pandon->  Tetebatu    ->  Kuta->   Senggigi

Continue reading “How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike”