Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

A Road though the Lombok village of Tetebatu
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Leaving Labuan Pandan, we headed west on the busy main road, heading to Tetebatu.  First, we would look for an ATM that was rumored to be in a town called Maspadik.   We found it, across the street from the huge Mosque but the towns power was out, so no money for us.  We were down to our last 250,000, enough for a night maybe two.

We cruised north up the hills and soon began to pass guesthouses. Looks like we have arrived.   Amid Rice fields, on a slope with nice views, Tetebatu is another small town on the southern edge of  Mount Rinjani National Park. We checked out a bunch of different places to stay and settled on Pondok Tetebatu, another recommendation from Hussein. Continue reading “Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike”

How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike

A monkey checks out our motorbike

Exploring Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike.

One of our most memorable adventures during our month in Indonesia was a tour of Lombok by motorbike.   If you are at all comfortable with motorbikes, then this is an ideal way to see Lombok.  Its a smallish island of about 4500 square miles, similar to the size of its neighbor Bali.   The towns are awesome, not too far apart and a lot less touristy then Bali.

Here’s a great route that you can do in a week or two.   We did most of it a little over a week.

Senggigi ->   Senaru->    Sembalun->   Sapit->   Labuan Pandon->  Tetebatu    ->  Kuta->   Senggigi

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Senggigi to Senaru: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

Motorbiking though Lombok Indonesia
Around Senggigi, lombok Indonesia


After visiting the Gili Islands, Lena and I wanted to get off the beaten path and explore the island Lombok.  We found ourselves in Senggigi and were looking for affordable guesthouses but most were too expensive or full.   We didn’t really like the vibe of Senggigi anyway so we decided to rent a motorbike to help our search for a guesthouse.

Motorbike Lombok
Our Pink Lombok Motorbike

We found a place on the main street in Senggigi, and agreed on 30,000 rupiah a day.  Now with transportation, we explored further south to look for a guesthouse. We eventually found a guesthouse on the beach called Pondok Siti Hawa, owned by an expat New Zealander named Hussein and his local wife.  This would become our homebase while we explored the island and Hussein turned out to be crucial in providing information to help our travels through Lombok.

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Sapit and a Hot Springs- Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

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 Sembalun Lawang to Sapit, (and a hot springs adventure).


The next day the weather finally cleared up.  We had a nice morning driving through the valley of Sembulun towards Sapit.  Ringed by green hills and Mount Rinjanim you feel like you are driving through and old volcano crater.   Up a very steep hill, our bike struggled again,  Then down down down, riding the brakes.

Sembalun Lawang, Lombok Indonesia
Sembalun Lawang, from a distance

Our plan was to find these hot springs that Ulin showed us on a map.   We saw a parking area to the left and pulled over.  We parked the bike a little ways up the path so it would be out of view from the road (we were a little paranoid someone would steal it) and I hauled the backpack 2 kilometers up the trail. It was a nice walk, with some strange animal making hooting noises that sounded like depth sensor.

The hot springs was pretty much worse case scenario.  Trash everywhere, full of men and luke warm water.  Still, I hiked all this way.  I put on my trunks and got in.  One of the men knew english so I talked with them.  They asked me my age and if I was sick.  The guy next to me then proceeded to show me the red marks on his arm and I noticed the little kid in the pool had what looked like chicken pox.  I learned that they use hot springs for medical purposes, not just relaxation.  They took many pictures of us all posed together, the sick mans arms around me.  Because Lena didn’t want to go in and was waiting for me, I only soaked for 20 minutes and we left.   After walking for a few minutes I found a leach on my toe.

Villiage of Sapit, Lombok Indonesia
Villiage of Sapit, Lombok Indonesia

We rode down the road the rest of the way to Sapit. Checked out a few places to stay and decided on Hati Suci.  They have a ping pong table and a good bungalows with views down the hill.  There was no one else staying there and it felt good getting away from the touristy spots.   I had Kentang Goreng Sayur Telur for dinner (fried potato with egg).

Inside our Bungalow in Sapit. Lombok Indonesia
Inside our Bungalow in Sapit

The people in Sapit seem to be especially friendly.  Everyone says “hello” or “hello mister” when I drive by.  Lots of stares but also a lot of smiles.  When we go into a shop we attract a lot of attention.  Driving around, it almost feels like a parade for me as everyone yells “hello,” so many that I can’t even reply to all of them.  The landscapes and villages are very picturesque.  Tobacco farms and lush greenery.  In the villages all the people sit outside their homes and watch people pass.  This is the Indonesia we were looking for.

On the Road in Sapit Lombok Indonesia
On the Road in Sapit Lombok

We had our worst early morning mosque wake-up the next morning.  Even after our 3 months in India, this one wins.  There must be five mosques around the village of Sapit and at 4:30am all of them began to blast their morning prayers.  For a full hour we listened to the sound of the different speakers competing and blending into a cacophony of sound.

Near Sapit Lombok Indonesia
Near Sapit Lombok Indonesia

After breakfast (Nasi Goreng, two huge slices of pineapple and coffee), we had two hours till check out.  We decided to zoom down the street and check out the spring-fed pools we heard about.  Maybe something to rival Bali’s nice spring-fed warm springs?  Not really…Lombok has a different style then Bali.   Lombok has one big rectangular swimming pool with cold water and a lot more leaves floating on top.  I’m not complaining, we jumped in and paddled around for a few minutes.  A guy approached and we tried to communicate but it just didn’t happen.  He left and a group of shy little boys showed up and began swimming.  They seemed particularly interested in Lena in her swimsuit.

Spring-fed pool near Sapit Lombok
Spring-fed pool near Sapit Lombok
Spring-fed pool near Sapit Lombok
Jumping into the pool near Sapit Lombok

We went back to our bungalow , packed and paid and jumped back onto the motorbike.  We liked Hati Suci.  Good people.  Good food.

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