How to get bit by the Travel Bug – Our SE Asia Itinerary

Our first trip to South East Asia.


We had two and a half months and wanted to see Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.  Its a lot of ground to cover in that amount of time. We would’ve liked to have longer but doesn’t everyone?   We had no set SE Asia itinerary as we wanted the freedom to make it up as we traveled.

Beach Cove Koh Tao Thailand
Our view in Koh Tao Thailand

Our plan was to head down to the southern Thailand and hit the beaches.  hen make our way back up and head to Cambodia.  Make our way to Vietnam, crossing into the Mekon Delta region and then heading north.  Then crossing into Laos and making our way back into Northern Thailand.

If you are planning a similar trip then I hope this SE Asia itinerary can help you plan your adventure! Here is what we ended up doing:

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