Border Crossing: Dawei to Kanchanaburi Thailand

We originally flew into  Myanmar on a one way ticket with the intention of crossing by land back into Thailand over the border.  Doing this,  the trip would be open ended and we could have a little more freedom with our itinerary. This worked out well and as we made our way to the Hpa-an, we began to plan our exit strategy.  Doing some research we found that some people had been able to cross into Thailand from Dawei.  That made a lot of sense for us. We could head down to Dawei and spend some time on the beach before we head home.   Its also the closest border to Bangkok, where we would eventually fly home from.

In Dawei, our hotel Shwe Moung Than offered to organize our border crossing.  We eventually booked our ticket through the motorbike rental company down the street because they seemed so nice.  Focus Rental Service.

Focus Rental Service
Focus Rental Service

The cost was 23,000 Kyat each for a shared taxi to Phu nam ron, the border of Thailand.

Road to Phu Nam Ron Thailand Myanmar border crossing
Road to Phu Nam Ron .


Hotel to dawei bus station

They picked us up in the morning at our hotel.  Another guy from the hotel was doing the border crossing as well.  We piled in the car and they picked up one more passenger before driving us to the little local bus station.  The four of us waited there for about an hour while they got our taxi ready.  We all sat and had tea while we watched them tie our backpacks to the top of the roof.  Two other Burmese guys were loading their gear onto the car and rode with us all the way to the border in the way-back.

Thailand Myanmar border crossing
On the way to Myanmar-Thailand border from Dawei
The drive to the border begins

The drive was nice.  The car was comfortable.  It felt exiting and maybe a little sad to be leaving Myanmar.  A good time to reflect the trip.

After maybe a couple of hours of driving, we stopped for lunch and noticed all the liquor for sale.  Our driver told us it was much cheaper here in Myanmar compared to Thailand so people like to stock up on whiskey.  Lena and I bought two small bottles.

Thailand Myanmar border crossing
In Myanmar on the way to Thailand border
Arriving at the myanmar border

We arrived at Htee Kee, the dusty border town after another hour of driving.  Not much there at all. We were pointed to the building where we were to get our Myanmar exit stamps.  It was all pretty quick.  Lena bought some fresh pineapple from a vendor, spending just about the last of our Kyat.

The Thai Border crossing

We got back into our shared taxi and he drove us the rest of the way to the Thai border.  We said goodbye to our driver who told us that we needed to hurry as the last bus to Kanchanaburi would be leaving soon. After about 20 minutes we were fast-walking down the road to where the bus was.  We made it just before the bus was to leave.  A large comfortable Thai bus.  We were in Kanchanaburi by the evening.

Expenses for two people:

  • 46,000k-taxi to Thai Border
  • 600k- coffee x3
  • 2,700k- Lunch: rice veggies x1, soda and orange juice
  • 500k- banana chips
  • 4,000k- Whiskey (175ml x2)
  • 800k- Pineapple
  • 100 baht- bus to Kanchanaburi



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