How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike

Exploring Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike.

One of our most memorable adventures during our month in Indonesia was a tour of Lombok by motorbike.   If you are at all comfortable with motorbikes, then this is an ideal way to see Lombok.  Its a smallish island of about 4500 square miles, similar to the size of its neighbor Bali.   The towns are awesome, not too far apart and a lot less touristy then Bali.

Here’s a great route that you can do in a week or two.   We did most of it a little over a week.

Senggigi ->   Senaru->    Sembalun->   Sapit->   Labuan Pandon->  Tetebatu    ->  Kuta->   Senggigi


Start your trip in Senggigi.  This is good town to rent a bike and begin your   trip.  Lena and I shared a motorbike.  She sat on the back while I drove and we kept our shared backpack between us.  We kept the rest of our stuff at our guesthouse in Senggigi so we could travel light.

View o the beach from Guesthouse Pondok Siti Hawa on Lombok West Nusa Tenggara
The beach south of Seggigi


After exploring Senggigi, head north to Senaru.  At a little over three hours, this is going to be the longest drive you’ll have to do.  In Senaru, visit the Waterfalls and arrange a trek up Mt. Rinjani, through Gunung Rinjani National Park.

Forests of Senaru Lombok
The Forest in Senaru Lombok

Sembalun Lawang

Next, you’ll be skirting the volcano, heading up into the clouds to the quiet village of Sembalun Lawang.  The road can be steep on this road.  Our little bike made it but Lena had to get off at one point so I could get the bike up a particularly steep hill.

Located in a high mountain valley, Sembalun is a scenic mountain village with tons of options to trek and absorb the easy-going village life.  We stayed with a guy named Ulin who will take you on treks and tours.  Ask around for him.

On the road in Sembalun Lawang
On the road in Sembalun Lawang


Cruise down the valleys into Sapit, one of our favorite spots in Lombok. Friendly people and a quiet town, the views are incredible and the vibe is relaxed.  We biked around the roads, past the farms growing tobacco, trying return the “hello” that we heard from everyone we passed.

Sapit Lombok
Sapit Lombok


From Sapit, head east to Labuan Pandan. This is where you can hire a boat to take you out to the pristine islands just off the east coast.  We stayed at the Tiara Homestay.  Aco, the guy who runs it hooked us up with a boat trip to the islands.  Including lunch, this was a highlight of our Lombok trip.  Visit Gili Kondo, and Gili Bidara, and make sure you bring your snorkel and mask!


Next, you’re headed west to Tetebatu.  Another scenic village on the other side of Rinjani, its also a place to arrange a trek up the volcano.  There are a lot of guesthouses here and more tourists then we saw in the other towns.  We enjoyed taking a long walk through the village and soaking in the “hello’s.”

Girl in Tetebatu Lombok
Girl in Tetebatu Lombok


Now its time to head to Kuta, the beach town on the southern coast. We liked Kuta so much we stayed for 6 days.  Lounge on the beaches, soak up the sun and swim.  Its a great little town with cool surrounding areas to explore.

Beach Near Kuta Lombok
Beach Near Kuta Lombok
Ocean and hills near Kuta Lombok
Exploring around Kuta Lombok
Beach Near Kuta Lombok
Beach Near Kuta Lombok

From Kuta, head back north back to where you began in Senggigi.


How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike
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How to Explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike
Here's how and where to explore Lombok Indonesia by Motorbike, visiting cities and villiages like Mataram, Senggig, Senaru, Sembalun Lawang, Sapit, Labuan Pandon, Tetebatu, and Kuta.