A Long Day in Seoul. (Make use of your layover!)

Layover in Seoul, South Korea. 

Do you want to squeeze another destination into your trip?  Take advantage of a long layover!  Even better,  extend your layovers  by booking multi-city trips! Give yourself a a day in a city you never would of visited!

Our plan:  fly to Bangkok, roundtrip.  Lay-overs in Seoul, South Korea.

On our way to Bangkok, we had  a 13 hour layover in Seoul.  We arrived at Incheon Airport in Seoul at 7am and quickly checked our bags at the airport lockers.  Next we exchanged some money and hopped on the first bus we could find.   45 minutes later we were downtown.

Layover in Seoul South Korea on bus from Incheon to Downtown.
On the bus from Incheon to Downtown.

We felt cloudy from lack of sleep and the long plane ride. But our excitement was high, as this was our first Asian experience!  Still early in the morning, the city was very quiet.   We found coffee and soon found a main street with a crowded market selling food and clothing.  We sampled various fried foods, sushi, a pancake desert and some sort of potato-covered hot dog on a stick,

Things I noticed about Seoul:

-hot dogs on sticks

-motorcycles driven on sidewalks

-men in business suits

Downtown Seoul South Korea
Lena smirks at camera

We managed to find a free museum- the Korean Agricultural History museum. Also, we took an elevator to the top of an impressive skyscraper, hoping to get a view of the city (which we did, though a waitress asked whether we had a reservation, to which I replied “no, I’m just looking around,”  which got a confused look from her).  Mostly, we just wandered around, soaking it in.

Lena slept on the bus ride back to the airport.  Layovers can be exhausting . But we got to visit Seoul and mingle with its people.   One of these days we’d like to go back and really explore.