Sembalum Lawang: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

Riding from Senaru to Sembalum Lawang.

The ride from Senaru to Sembalum Lawang was enjoyable though a constant light drizzle kept me nervous about the weather.  We wore rain ponchos and buzzed up the road.  The ride was very scenic, even though clouds and mist blocked grander views.   This route is very hilly and our bike had a hard time going up the steeper hills with two people on the bike.  At one very steep hill Lena had to get off and let me ride the bike up a particularly steep spot.

We began to pass villages. Not knowing if we had passed Sembalum Lawang, we stopped and asked a fellow who worked in some sort of security booth.  He gave us some melon and pointed us in the right direction.  Nice fellow.

On the road in Sembalun Lawang
On the road in Sembalun Lawang

As we arrived in town we passed a nice looking cafe/warung and pulled a U-turn.  The smiling lady served us each a very good bowl of chicken soto (soup) with noodles.  Also a plate of rice each and a very tasty and spicy sambal.   Lena and I changed into pants and I put on my windbreaker-it was cold up here in the higher elevation.

Chicken Soto and Rice in Sembalun Lawang
Chicken Soto and Rice in Sembalum Lawang

After the amazing meal, we jumped back on the bike and began looking for accommodation.  We had a name of a guy that Hussein from Siti Hawa recommended.  After looking around town,  we ended up opting for Hussein’s recommendation, a warm homestay with a guy named Ulin.  When we stopped in, his wife brought out tea and roasted local beans, a very nice welcome.  We talked to him about activities around town.  He runs Rinjami climbing trips and day hikes.

Coffee Beans in Sembalun Lawang, Lombok Indonesia
Green Coffee Beans in Sembalum Lawang

We moved in.  Read a little.  Took a walk down the street to buy some socks. And had a great dinner with our hosts on the floor of their living room.  They served rice with  green edamame-like beans, brown beans in a brown liquid, cabbage cooked with spices, prawn crackers and locally roasted coffee with rice/coconut cakes.

Meal at Homestay in Sembalun Lawang
Meal with Ulin and his wife in Sembalun Lawang

Sembalum Lawang: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike
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Sembalum Lawang: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike
Backpacking through Lombok Indonesia with a motorbike. Driving from Senaru to Sembalum Lawang.