Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike

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Leaving Labuan Pandan, we headed west on the busy main road, heading to Tetebatu.  First, we would look for an ATM that was rumored to be in a town called Maspadik.   We found it, across the street from the huge Mosque but the towns power was out, so no money for us.  We were down to our last 250,000, enough for a night maybe two.

We cruised north up the hills and soon began to pass guesthouses. Looks like we have arrived.   Amid Rice fields, on a slope with nice views, Tetebatu is another small town on the southern edge of  Mount Rinjani National Park. We checked out a bunch of different places to stay and settled on Pondok Tetebatu, another recommendation from Hussein.

Young Girl in Tetebatu Lombok Indonesia
Young Girl in Tetebatu Lombok

After settling in, we began to wander up the dusty country roads. We saw what looked like a little stand selling small grocery items and I asked a friendly young fellow if they sold coffee.  He said “yes, yes!” and ushered us to sit down while he told his sister to go to his house and get coffee and hot water. This all turned into a large spectacle, attracting a crowd of locals who wanted to see these two strange foreigners awkwardly try to communicate with this local fellow.    I pulled out our paper containing some Bahasa to English translations and we all attempted to talk.

Girl in Tetebatu Lombok Indonesia
Girl in Tetebatu

We bought some toothpaste and snacks and settled the bill.   We headed home exhausted and yelling back “hello” to every person who saw us.

We had a unfortunate dinner that night.   We walked down the road to a popular restaurant but the food ended up taking over an hour to be served. And while we waited we were subjected to the music from three young guys playing bad covers on acoustic guitars.

We left the next morning.  Lena and I agreed that we didn’t enjoy Tetebatu as much as the other small Lombok villages we have visited.  The reason for this being the large amount of tourists compared to other towns thus far. Maybe we were just spoiled after having  Sapit and Labuan Pandon all to ourselves.


Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike
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Tetebatu: Exploring Lombok by Motorbike
Travel by motorbike to Tetebatu, a villiage in Lombok Indonesia. Explore the villages, trek Mt. Rinjani and say hello to the villagers.